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BsB – BullswingingBear
Penda Diallo, Wintergasse 4b, 65239 Hochheim, Germany

Proprietary Rights
This copyright statement applies to all photography, videos & images found on this website and its social media channels.
The photographs, videos and pictures/drawings of BsB contained on this, and any other site/channel under the domain, are the property of the owner (see bottom) and are protected by German and International copyright laws. All copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in this site, are the property of the named owner (see bottom).
No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the electronic transmission, storage, retrieval, or printing of the photographs contained on the named websites as social platforms, other than that which is related to the normal “caching” practices of web browsers and activities such as downloading solely for your personal enjoyment. Photos/videos are taken/filmed during BsB-events and publicized on its public incl. online channels as social medias, as those of its photographers, videographers and organizing partners*. Every participants of a BsB event is hereby aware of those publications as use. No parties/individuals visiting or viewing images, videos, may otherwise copy, modify, publish, transmit, or distribute the contents of the photographs found herein. Express written permission must be granted, on behalf of the owner (copyright holder, see on top), in order to use these pictures, videos and photographs for any purpose that is not outlined above.
A special permission** is only granted to dancers attending the BsB events: All the pictures from the album of the concerned BsB event are destined only to the dancers attending the event and therefore are free for those dancers attending the concerned BsB event for sharing in social media as long as the logos and original size are kept, and credits added by including website or tag of photographer, videographer and BsBwcs while sharing! Any kind of changes or originals without logos are subject for purchase and approval by contacting us, BsB as photographers/videographers.
*only organizing partners
**an extension of BsB gratitude to the attendees to remember good times!

General disclaimer
Dance is an aerobic activity and dancers participate at their own risk, fully understanding that injury or loss are their own responsibility and that the organisers cannot be held responsible in any circumstances.
In regard to the Covid pandemic, the BsB organizers are following governmental regulations and thereby all attendees are subjected to follow those rules as well.
BsB events implement a set of rules to guarantee a safe, healthy, friendly and respectable atmosphere throughout the events. Attendees not following rules can therefor be excluded from further activities without compensations.
The full range of BsB-BullswingingBear general disclaimer is under the following document always available and under the navigations of the respective BsB-events.

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