Bull & Bear present the workshop day Healthy-BsB on 2021 under the safety motto
Dancing against the virus

We have to postpone… Again… Since a lot is going on in the world, we will wait a little before setting a new date…

Meet your Teachers

Birte Jetter and Cliff Pereira were first known as tournament dancers and teachers in ballroom latin dances. However they ended up being hooked on the inspirational dance West Coast Swing. After they had attended a WCS workshop with Marc Heldt (DE), they decided – out of curiosity – to follow his the intensive training in 2014. Starting then, Cliff & Birte were both totally hooked on the dance and focussed on exploring its specifics. They attend events worldwide and dance in the WSDC tournament class Advance. They moved to Düsseldorf in 2019 and teach regular classes for different levels as well as choreographies such as the WCS rally (flashmob) and JT teams. Birte is German Vice-Champion 2019 in TAF Germany. Cliff is Intermediate Instructor WCS (Global PDIA by Michael Kiehm / GSDTA by Skippy Blair) and was German Champion 2018 in West Coast Swing of the TAF Germany dance association. He started to build up the scene in Münster together with Kathrin Schallenberg also an advance dancer. Since July 2019 he has been teaching together with Birte at the Dresen dance school in Düsseldorf.
To name a few topics Clif & Birte explore with their students: the space for improvisation, musicality, communication in couples and individual interpretation. Besides Dusseldorf you can also meet them in Munster and all over the world at various festivals.
“In Frankfurt too we have been welcomed them this sommer and are looking forward again. Bull & Bear”

Want to see them dance together?

László Tárkányi is an international West Coast Swing competition and social dancer, instructor, coach, competition judge, event director and most of all, an enthusiast of the dance. For him, this dance is the modelling of real life, where you have to obey some easy basic rules, and you can do, create anything, beyond imagination. Nothing is impossible! László is an enthusiast of teaching the dance to others. He has been teaching weekly regular classes, weekend workshops, private classes and coaching sessions since 2013. In 2016 he graduated as a certified dance instructor, and he is still further educating himself from world class instructors like Robert Royston (US), Brandi Guild (US), Chuck Brown (US), Jordan Frisbee (US), Kyle Redd (US) and Browly Adjavon (FR). As time passed he was invited to teach abroad, visit new countries, meeting motivated and motivating students in Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and Ukraine. He is based in Cologne, Germany where he is growing the local community, providing diverse learning and socializing opportunities.
His classes are known for a fun and welcoming atmosphere, detailed technical tuition and his radiating enthusiasm to transfer his knowledge and experience to his students.
“He is back in Frankfurt to inspire us to keep dancing. We are looking forward to see him in action. Bull & Bear”

Want to see him dance an All-Star JJ 1st place?

Going Healthy in 2021 and beyond

We have to postpone… Again… Since a lot is going on in the world, we will wait a little before setting a new date…

Due to the pandemic we decided to host an entire day as follows:

The Healthy-BsB takes place in compliance with the hygiene measures of the state government of Hesse as the city of Frankfurt. Under the rules set on 14.09.2020 (HG) the day is as follows (last minute adaptations posted on the home/main page):

  • Address:
  • Max. 50 attendees, separate dance rooms, safety distance
  • Registration and a tracing form secured and kept for up to 1 month after the event as requested by hessian government
  • no party entries
  • a special practice facility at the end of all workshops with music in 2 separate rooms
  • no partner change during workshops
  • during the practice facility, on a voluntary basis a free partner change up to a maximum of 10 dancers is possible. This wish must be known in the registration: “first comes, first served”

Due to the pandemic we are obliged to consider the following 3 scenarios until 12.2021 in accordance with Hessian government and the city of Frankfurt (last minute adaptation posted on the home/main page):

1) Ban of events:
Cancellation of the Healthy BsB with a 100% refund
2) enforced measures will result in adjustments by:
e.g. partner change canceled;
e.g. partner change reduced to 5 dancers, then priority in the registration applies;
e.g. increased distances resulting in reduction of number of attendees, then priority in the registration applies
3) Further relaxation. Even so, the number of attendees is limited to 50, party entries are still forbidden and partner change only permitted during practice facility. The relaxed measures will only apply to the practice facility:
e.g. increased number of dancers for partner change (currently limited to 10) in a separate room
e.g. hold a party instead of a practice facility

Should you have further suggestions on how we could improve the evening in accordance with the Hessian government, we are more than happy to receive them. We wish for a day full of joy and happiness within a safe and secure environment. Yours Bull & Bear