Opportunities to practice in Rhine Main eg. at Turngemeinde Hochheim during spring/summer time.
The performance opportunity for PART CC or S only will be on the Gala night of BsB-Weekend 2022, October 8th.

Here it is, the Rally IRWCS from Olivier and Virginie Massart from France – international performance day is September 3rd.

Song by DNCS title Body Moves

Go and practive the new IRWCS!
Here is the link to the Instructional Choreo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-YVbqNFiCo
Song by DNCS title Body Moves.

In the meantime enjoy the Rally from last year 2021 underneath.

Die WCS Rallye wird jedes Jahr von Olivier und Virginie Massart choreographiert und in der ganzen Welt am ersten Samstag des Monats September getanzt. Dieses Jahr gibt es unterschiedliche Termine zum auftreten in Rhein-Main.

In diesem Jahr wird bestimmt alles wieder…

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WCS Rally 2021 in Rhine-Main from Frankfurt-Hochheim, sponsort by community builders, videographs, organizers and amazing dancers in Rhine Main. Big thank you to all dancers, Sohei, TG-Hochheim and BsB 2021 as Olivier & Virginie Massart from France, Belgium.