Register for our Healthy-BsB on 28th of November 2020 in Frankfurt
Bull & Bear

As a couple you can choose to attend one of the two types of ballrooms:

Ballroom 1: 2*novice classes and 1* intermediate class
Enjoy Cliff & Birte twice, László once
Ballroom 2: 1*novice class and 2* intermediate classes
Enjoy László twice, Cliff & Birte once

*novice: up to 2 years WCS experience
*intermediate: more than 2 years WCS experience

*activities for couples NOT changing partners will also be part of the practice facility for a further fun late night
Dancing in a different role than your usual? Of course you can but please register for your level in the actual role your are dancing in to ensure class uniformity

Your saturday could be for:

  • 85 EUR per Person for registering until 18.10.2020
  • 95 EUR per Person for registering after 18.10.2020
  • 85 EUR per Person for registering until 04.10.2020 and being a BsB19 comeback, a WCSwing-Screen or TG-Hochheim member

Want to be part of the experience? register now

Preliminary Schedule: Healthy BsB

  • Doors open at 7:15 pm – please find your spots
  • classrooms of 3 hours starting 7:30 pm
  • To limit risks of contamination only the teachers will go from one ballroom to another during the workshops
  • practice facility opens at 11 pm with partner switchers in a separate ballroom

Dancing against the virus

  • first comes, first served
  • please wear a mask if you are not within your dancing slot
  • own drinks allowed
  • the registration is at the same time the mandatory questionnaire to be secured and saved up to 28.12.2020 for back-tracing should any Covid-infection appear
  • by registering you hereby agree to the terms and conditions, the GDPR and latest hygienic rules set by the Hessian government
Add your full address in case of tracing-emergencies. If the Follower has a different address, please add the information at the bottom
Add one valid phone number if in the same household. Again will only be used in case of tracing-emergencies. If in different households, please add at the bottom the telephone number of the Leader as your (Follower) full address.
Both participants are to provide their personal EMail address in case of tracing emergencies.
*Ballroom choice applies for the entire duration of workshops
A separate room for dancers who would want to change partners will be arranged starting 10:45 pm. Currently hessians restrictions only allow a switch for a maximum of 10 dancers. All dancers not changing partners will have the pleasure to experience some fun activities instead. NOTE: the couple registration choice applies to both participants. Also applies the "first comes, first served" rule should either hessians restrictions be enforced or eased the YES would be considered first according to their time of registration before MAYBE gets a chance to access the switch room.