The BsB Throwback
– POSTPONED to 2021 in Frankfurt (due to Corona Pandemic)
– Intensives with Xi & Matilda
– & special reminders of the 2019 Festival

Join us for our Throwback of the 1st BsB Festival in Frankfurt: a place for the international WCS communities to get together! 
See you soon, folks.  Bull & Bear


Xi Dünnhoff
We bring back our 1st German All-Star. He will once again bring us some Cologne essence of WCS. 

Xi has been teaching dance for the past 19 years and runs several successful dance studios under the brand Tanzraum in Cologne, Germany. He started his career in Latin ballroom and after 8 year of competitive dancing he also discovered social dances. After Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba and Zouk he finally found WCS. Fascinated by the musicality, creativity and freedom he started traveling around the world to dance and learn more. In February 2017 he became Germany’s first all-star level dancer and is now judging and teaching internationally. On the social dance floor he is known for dancing all night long, with everybody and a charming smile on his face. In his classes he is passionate about the students’ progression, but also strives for a relaxed and entertaining learning atmosphere. We are happy to have him back for the 3rd time in Frankfurt @BsB Throwback.

Matilda Tuomela
We loved our charming Swedish All-Star last winter and are looking forward to her beautiful footwork and red hair-flips. 

She has a master’s degree in teaching dance and a diverse background including ballet, jazz, contemporary, social latin dances, belly dance and pole dance. She discovered WCS in 2010 and fell in love with its complexity and versatility. Since then, she has been traveling, competing and training continuously with the best instructors in the world. Today she is competing at all-star level, teaching WCS full time internationally and judging competitions regularly. On the social dance floor Matilda is known for her creativity, connection and dialogue skills. In her classes she strives for a balance between playfulness and discipline for the students, and puts equal emphasis on the leader’s and follower’s role in the dance.
She will once again bring you some international flair from Stockholm and Berlin. Once again she will bring some international flair from Stockholm and Berlin to Frankfurt @BsB Throwback.

The idea of a Throwback

The 1st Bull swinging Bear Festival edition took place in November 2019 in Frankfurt. It was the first WCS festival in Frankfurt city. Supported by the international community and the attendees it was well welcomed and demands for a second editions are high. But organizing such a huge festival comes with its challenges. The 2nd edition of the festival is postponed. However Bull & Bear wanted to show their gratitude for all the support and decided to add throwback sessions of the first edition instead.

Let us all together remember the BsB Festival 2019 in the new year 2021 and help this international Festival find its place
in Rhein-Main, the local area.